The Art of Robert Powell

Another Scots artist who rejects naturalism in favour of an aesthetic dedicated to the imaginative, strange, and unique, Robert Powell is an Edinburgh artist whose art is ''interested in encyclopaedic and organisational forms, in representations of reality whose straining after universality is constantly subverted as they are enmeshed in a web of cultural and personal … Continue reading The Art of Robert Powell


The Art of Cathy Rose

Untitled. Perhaps I will call it TRAPPED, or ENTRAPMENT?    I am not in the habit of visiting Pinterest very often, but, sometimes, in that vast cybernetic labyrinth, one comes across something very interesting. In a gallery of images inspired by the Brothers Quay, I came across one Cathy Rose. Cathy Rose is an American … Continue reading The Art of Cathy Rose

The History of Nothing, by Eduardo Paolozzi

Eduardo Paolozzi, J.G. Ballard, Euphoria Bliss, and company at the Royal Academy of Art, 1972.    My appreciation for the great collage artist and sculptor, Eduardo Paolozzi, is more than localized interest; his friendship with J.G. Ballard notwithstanding, I have always leaned more towards his sculptures and his slightly less Americanized collages. I have always … Continue reading The History of Nothing, by Eduardo Paolozzi