A wretched wee update

Wide awake, now. . .   Well, a great deal has certainly occurred in the past five or six months. We, as a modern society, have faced contagious diseases before, yet nothing of this magnitude has been seen before.The lockdown has been an unusual thing for me; as an introvert, I am accustomed to staying indoors … Continue reading A wretched wee update

The Macabre Art of Alison Mackenzie

Untitled.  Alison Mackenzie is an Inverness-based artist and illustrator whose main work is, I think, commissions for local theatre; but she has chosen to work in a florid, Gothic, grotesque style, inspired primarily by Guillermo del Toro, that connoisseurs of the macabre and wyrd should find much to savour in. With work partaking on Kafka … Continue reading The Macabre Art of Alison Mackenzie

The Art of Robert Powell

Another Scots artist who rejects naturalism in favour of an aesthetic dedicated to the imaginative, strange, and unique, Robert Powell is an Edinburgh artist whose art is ''interested in encyclopaedic and organisational forms, in representations of reality whose straining after universality is constantly subverted as they are enmeshed in a web of cultural and personal … Continue reading The Art of Robert Powell