My (narrow?) Opinion of Dario Argento

It is that time of year when all the youths dress up in ghoulish costumes and ambulate from door to door expecting tricks or treats; when sheeted ghosts and jointed skeletons adorn the walls, and gossamer cobwebs festoon the corners and ceilings. It is also the time when, according to the ancient Celts, the line … Continue reading My (narrow?) Opinion of Dario Argento


A Place Both Wonderful and Strange: My Visit to Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks, Washington, welcomes you. In early February this year, I finally got around to viewing the unusual, influential, and critically acclaimed American television series, Twin Peaks, from the maverick minds of Mark Frost and David Lynch, and it has been a memorable viewing, indeed. TWIN PEAKS showcases the quintessential small American town, with its lively diners and roadhouses, quasi-luxurious … Continue reading A Place Both Wonderful and Strange: My Visit to Twin Peaks

Enrico Cocozza: the Wishaw Surrealist

Once in a blue moon, I come across a singularly interesting individual who may be unknown even to connoisseurs of the extraordinary. This week's searching has turned up an underrated Scot who should be better known. Enrico Cocozza (1921-1997) was born in Glasgow and spent most of his life in Wishaw, where he worked and lived above his … Continue reading Enrico Cocozza: the Wishaw Surrealist