The Art of Stefan Zechowski

Untitled. Another fascinating yet obscure artist who has been brought to my attention. Stefan Zechowski (1912-1984) was a Polish artist who had the misfortune to be active in the era of the Stalinists, who did not look kindly upon his work. His home was set alight by a neighbour, resulting in the loss of many … Continue reading The Art of Stefan Zechowski


The History of Nothing, by Eduardo Paolozzi

Eduardo Paolozzi, J.G. Ballard, Euphoria Bliss, and company at the Royal Academy of Art, 1972.    My appreciation for the great collage artist and sculptor, Eduardo Paolozzi, is more than localized interest; his friendship with J.G. Ballard notwithstanding, I have always leaned more towards his sculptures and his slightly less Americanized collages. I have always … Continue reading The History of Nothing, by Eduardo Paolozzi

The Art of Jeanie Laub and Claire McGee

  The Writer, by Jeanie Laub.   I recently discovered Edinburgh-based artist, Jeanie Laub, via the Folk Horror Revival anthology, Corpse Roads, (which contains two poems by yours truly). Her pallid artwork is primarily inspired by childhood, found objects, and the rusting charm of vintage toys. Among her drawings and paintings are installation boxes inspired by Joseph Cornell. Some of … Continue reading The Art of Jeanie Laub and Claire McGee


The high priest of the Samhain sacrifice bides his time. Wishing everyone out there a safe and splendid Hallowe'en, that time of the year when the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead are blurred, and our ancestors create great bonfires to ward off evil and wore masks to avoid detection by marauding … Continue reading Hallowe’en

Artaud in the Black Lodge

ARTAUD IN THE BLACK LODGE is a contemporary work of music-theatre exploring the imagined psychic connections among French poet and director Antonin Artaud, Beat-generation and post- modernist author William S. Burroughs; and filmmaker David Lynch. -- Beth Morrison Projects website.   Something I discovered in March or February of this year. A collaboration between Beat poetess, … Continue reading Artaud in the Black Lodge