Artaud in the Black Lodge

ARTAUD IN THE BLACK LODGE is a contemporary work of music-theatre exploring the imagined psychic connections among French poet and director Antonin Artaud, Beat-generation and post- modernist author William S. Burroughs; and filmmaker David Lynch.

— Beth Morrison Projects website.  

Something I discovered in March or February of this year. A collaboration between Beat poetess, Anne Waldman, and composer, David T. Little, it is things and infrequent connexions like this that fire my imagination. Another Burroughs/Lynch connexion I am aware of includes casting him as the doddering, shotgun-toting mayor in Twin Peaks before that role went to John Boylan; another involves a passing mention of ”white and black lodges” in his phantasmal 1981 novel, Cities of the Red Night, a book whose many plot-strands include a detective who uses occult intuition to solve the murder of a troubled youth a la Agent Cooper. And one more that springs to mind is a 2014 exhibition focusing on Burroughs and Lynch’s (and Andy Warhol’s) photographic work. Does anyone know of any other Artaud/Burroughs/Lynch connexions out there? Given that many other shamanic explorers of dark and hallucinatory realms (myself included) often point to one or all of these three men as influences, I am sure a solitary visionary in some dingy garret somewhere is drawing more recondite connexions.

A little more information can be found at the Beth Morrison website: Artaud in the Black Lodge.


Burroughs in the Black Lodge

Burroughs in the Black Lodge. A missing piece.



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