Mark E. Smith (1957-2018)

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It was unfortunate to hear of the passing of singer, songwriter, and musician, Mark E. Smith, the frontman for the post-punk band, The Fall. Admittedly, I am still something of a novice to The Fall when it comes to their music, but I had always known that Smith was an admirer of the likes of Machen, Lovecraft, Colin Wilson, and, as the name of his band indicates, Camus, among others. Given that I have a slight fetish for the North of England, and Smith was fiercely Northern, I should take a deeper into the ”Wonderful and Frightening World of. . .”’ The Fall. 2018 has already taken, among others casualties, Ursula K. Le Guin, whose books I have not read but whom I have always respected for her influence on imaginative writing.


Being an Edinburgh man (or Edinburgher, or Edinburghian, or Edinbronian) man, myself, this song is difficult to dislike, especially when it concerns Smith.



(Thank you, James, for indirectly pointing out this song to me.)


One thought on “Mark E. Smith (1957-2018)

  1. The Fall were a great band and the first one I ever saw as a teenager many years ago. The way Mark E Smith sneered out his lyrics was challenging, brilliant, sometimes dull but always unique. Some of the artwork on their album was also pretty good as well. Let me know if you want some album recommendations!


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